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Status Page
Mon May 25 2020 @ 5:04AM ADT
This page offers information for Dalhousie services. Check back here any time to view the current status of the services listed below. For all other information or to report a problem, please contact the ITS Service Desk (902-494-3834).
Network - General
2020-05-24 Status Description
08:23 AM Notice Work completed at 8:25 am. All network services have been restored.
07:00 AM Notice There will be a campus wide network outage to the Truro (Dal AC) campus Sunday May 24th from 7 am until 10 am. ITS needs to relocate a key network device.
2020-05-22 Status Description
01:15 PM Notice Howe Hall - There will be a short network disruption in Howe Hall Smith House from 1pm - 3pm
08:39 AM Notice Studley: Economics: Network upgrade completed
08:38 AM Notice Studley: Economics: a 30 sec network interruption will occur due to network upgrade/cut-over